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>  Single screen view with hours, totals and earning codes.

>  Ability to view absences, cross midnight boundaries, add labor allocation and verify time cards.

>  Time management including meals and breaks, rounding, weighted overtime and comp time.

>  ​Time card alerts easily identify potential punching issues.

>  Robust time and attendance reporting options both in export and report form; many of which can help with FMLA, FLSA or ACA reporting.

>  Mobile Punch GPS data and GeoFencing available if using the mobile app.

>  Scheduling and attendance module monitors attendance and compares schedules versus time worked.

>  Simple process for finalizing pay period submission.

Time and Attendance
iSolved Time is a built-in, robust time and attendance solution for tracking and reporting time.  Current labor laws demand a more precise way to monitor the upkeep of time records to stay in compliance.  With this functionality, there are many options that can be customized to your needs.