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A connected solution that aligns with the employee journey - from hire to retire.


Employ, onboard, develop and manage the best talent

Attract, recruit and hire the most talented individuals, while helping newly hired employees become productive fast, by eliminating paperwork and redundancies from the onboarding process.

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Enable, strengthen and compensate your workforce

Easily manage the entire employee lifecycle, securely store and share data, ensure organization-wide compliance and handle disciplinary action, while processing payroll efficiently, accurately, and completely.

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Track and process time, expenses, benefits and more

Accurately track, manage, and process time, attendance, and expenses for your entire workforce — even remote or mobile employees — while offering effortless online benefits enrollment and streamlined services that save time and money.

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Empower employees to engage, share and grow together

Enable employees to stay connected, share ideas, seek feedback, and collaborate — while improving productivity and boosting performance by developing top talent and rewarding innovation and success.

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